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  Looking for more college sites to help you survive freshman year and beyond? CollegeFreshmen.Net is proud to bring you this comprehensive list of websites that cater specifically to the informational needs of students! Whether you want to know where everyone's heading for spring break or you need some study tips for mid-terms & finals, you're likely to find some answers among the many different sites below! Just remember to bookmark CollegeFreshmen.Net before you you can always find your way back here later on!

  • Spring Break -  At Spring-Break-Party.Com, you'll find information on where to go for spring break, what some of the year's hottest travel deals are, and more!

  • CollegeSeniors.Net - A site specifically addressing the needs and concerns of college seniors.

  • The Semester.Com -  A website offering study tips and ideas re: issues concerning exams by dividing them into the key periods that make up an academic semester... 

  • College Student Survival Guide - A humorous & witty look at common issues faced by college students including: studying for exams, dealing with roommates, and more...

  • Foreign-Student-Union.Com - Resources and information for students who are going to colleges located in countries other than their own.

  • Greek Spot - GreekSpot.Com may very well be the BEST on-line student resources for information on fraternities, sororities, and EVERYTHING else concerning Greek Life!

  • Keg Party Site - This site offers safe, fun information on drinking after the keg!

  If you've looking for information specifically and only geared towards college freshmen, just any of the buttons near the top of this page to navigate around CollegeFreshmen.Net!

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