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First, Enter A College
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About "College-Level" Coursework... 
  Many college freshmen approach university coursework with too much unnecessary anxiety. The pre-college high school curriculum is all too often geared towards an approach which leads students to believe that "college-level" coursework is going to be extremely difficult when compared with its lower-level predecessors. And while college coursework certainly isn't a proverbial "breeze," CollegeFreshmen.Net is here to dispel the myth that university-level academics are so much more agonizingly difficult than high school academics. In reality, many first year college students find higher education to be more enjoyable AND even easier than high school! 
    Consider the differences: In high school, you had very little say in your class schedule. In college, you get to choose which classes you will take... which days..and at which times you will take them. In high school, you were confined to one small area or building from roughly 8 AM to 3PM each day. In college, even a full course load often entails only an average of 4 actual class days; often with only a few hours per day actually spent inside of a classroom. And if you hated waking up just after the crack of dawn to catch the yellow bus to high school, college enables you to select classes that don't begin until 2pm each day. This more "relaxed," self-made schedule system makes it possible for many students to dramatically change their views on learning and even improves their ability to retain information given out in college courses! Indeed, college lets students make decisions they couldn't make in high school. You pick what you want to learn and when you want to learn it. You choose when to eat and you decide when to sleep. But if you're not responsible enough, all of those "rules" that used to be set for you are going to begin to make more and more sense in the worst way. If you're not sleeping, eating, and balancing your time intelligently, college life will catch up with you very, very quickly. In order to maintain that feeling of "wow! this isn't that hard after all..." which most students experience during their first week of college classes, make it a point to follow at least some of the rules and restrictions that used to be set for you in high school. It's really up to YOU to set them now and you might just realize that even a few of the ones you always loathed...were really beneficial. College professors aren't going to phone home and wont even discuss your grades with any family member who doesn't have written authorization from YOU. But if you're not careful, this "freedom" will almost definitely be your the rest of the class will leap chapters ahead of you, your outlook will become negative, and your GPA will slip below passing level--ultimately making you into another "didn't make it through the first year" statistic. And hiding a letter of dismissal from your parents isn't as easy as covering up the fact that you simply haven't been doing any homework! Indeed, what so many students find to be harder about college... is that it's so much easier. The sort of freedom it provides can be either a blessing or a curse--depending on whether you use it... or abuse it. Read over your syllabus on the first day of each class, make a plan...and stick to it. Friends calling during your allotted study time? Just think: You wont have to worry about partying anyway.. when you're kicked out!

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