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Issues facing college students

College Freshmen
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First, Enter A College
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Staying healthy 
  CollegeFreshmen.Net is certainly not in the business of lecturing but we have found it necessary to post some basic health facts of which too many college freshmen seem to lose sight. Feeling well, being well, and doing well rely on proper nutrition and rest. While it's fast, cheap, easy, and tempting to order a large pizza every day in college, you probably never really did that back at home with any consistency -- and you probably don't realize how much it will hurt you if you do it now! The "freshmen 15" has become a common moniker for the roughly fifteen pounds that so many students gain during their first year. But not only is weight gain a problem, the fatigue and lack of energy produced by eating the "wrong foods" over the course of several months can be devastating and can sharply interfere with your abilities to go to class, to have fun, and even to function! If you've never been taught to "eat right" before, our best advice is to consult with an on-campus dietician, nutritionist, or nurse and be absolutely certain to get regular exercise on a daily basis. If you think a few minutes of physical training hurt now, wait until you see how terrible you'll feel without them by the end of your first semester! Also remember to drink at least 6-8 glasses of water per day. Water cleanses the body... even of fat! You wouldn't wash the outside of your body with soda (or even with juice!) so don't try washing the inside of your body with too much of those same beverages! And even if you eat/drink the right food, too many nights with less than 8 hours of sleep are going to leave you feeling just as sluggish, unproductive, and unhealthy. In college, you can choose when you want to sleep and when you want to eat... just remember to do the right amounts of both!

Remembering why you're (supposed to be) in school!
   Most colleges offer a "dorm life" which inherently makes its own sub-offers ranging from incessant partying to an almost ongoing smorgasbord of late-night food, sex, alcohol, drugs, and more. CollegeFreshmen.Net lacks the space to remind you about all of the many dangers associated with drugs & alcohol but urges you to remember that above ALL else, the MAIN reason you're in school is to learn! Even if you find yourself loving college social life more than anything else, remember that YOU MUST TAKE IT IN MODERATION OR YOU WILL NOT BE AROUND TO SEE NEXT YEAR'S FUN!!! In high school, poor grades mean upset parents and a promise to try better next time. In college, grades that are consistently below par can spell out a fast dismissal. Don't forget that many freshmen never go on to be sophomores. To avoid becoming part of an unappealing statistic, time-savvy students try not to schedule any classes on Fridays (or at least not early on Friday morning) so they can have fun with their friends on Thursday night (that's traditionally college"party night"!!!). Even though "peer pressure" and "clicks" aren't as obvious in college as they were in high school, too many students fall too deeply into the freedom of being away from home for the first time and spend too many days..and nights...trying to make friends. Smarter students budget a certain amount of time for partying and a greater amount of time for ensure that they make it successfully to the next year. 

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