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College Freshmen
Enduring The Toughest Year

First, Enter A College
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   When college freshmen leave home, a real life epic journey begins! Going to college represents one of the most exciting experiences in the lives of young people. This is especially true for those individuals who plan to live on or near campus and who are "leaving home" for the first time. In such cases, college stands to provide more than just a traditional education; it provides an unforgettable experience in life- and serves as a significant 'right of passage' enabling college freshmen to cross barriers into genuine adulthood.

   The independence that goes along with living on campus is sometimes as much of a curse as it is a blessing. College freshmen, in particular, typically endure a substantial number of trials and tribulations which are often detrimental to determining whether or not they will ever go on to become sophomores at all. The lure of parties and the lack of any nearby parental restrictions, rules, or curfews can be liberating and exciting but some freshmen with poor time management skills allow over-partying to lead to under-studying and, as a result, they often go on to miss more classes than they should. The disappearance of any high school-aged concerns that skipping a class will cause one's parents to be called enables some less mature students to take advantage of their newfound freedom and fail to attend an even greater number of classroom lectures. Many students are even unprepared when it comes to living skills and begin to adapt poor eating habits, unhealthy sleeping patterns, and even lousy hygiene! Many young college women become victims of date rape and other sexual crimes. Lives are changed..and any remaining innocence is usually lost.... during the first year of college...

   Many college sophomores comment that the faces living on campus during their second year had changed greatly since the first year. Those students that didn't die, drop out, or get expelled over the course of that first year or so, have usually transferred to other schools. But entering this important stage of life doesn't have to be a negative experience at all! There are new friends to be made and new goals to achieve. Yet with so much riding on that first year.. and with so many problems to face and so many struggles to endure, new college students need access to resources on-line just as much as anywhere else. This website serves as a starting point... as a gateway to managing one's own affairs successfully during the first year of college. And while it may not answer all of your questions, solve any of your problems, or even get you through the semester..... it should indeed point you in the right direction....



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